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Primary Languages

At Madginford Primary School, our language curriculum is broad, challenging and inspiring and aims to foster children’s independence using a wide variety of topics and themes.

We start formal teaching of a foreign language in Year 3 (as directed by the national curriculum), and our preferred language is French. In Key Stage 1, the children are exposed to French phrases, rhymes and songs in order to build some knowledge of French in preparation for their transition into Key Stage 2.

Our principal aim is to grow and develop children’s confidence when speaking another language. We encourage children’s curiosity through inspiring lessons within a challenging curriculum. We also aim for children to become confident in a language and culture different to their own

 In our teaching progression, we start with the basics and ensure children have a concrete foundation upon which to build their learning. Additionally, we encourage children to compare their own language to French: identifying similarities and differences between various structures.

We learn about cultural similarities and differences and explore daily life in France. Through this approach, we intend that learners develop a true passion for learning languages and develop the skills needed to immerse themselves in another culture and way of life.

 Children have the opportunity to practice the language orally, both with their teachers and with their peers. We teach children to read a different language in order to be able to respond to questions about what they have read and to build their confidence with identifying grammatical elements in the texts they have read. Children have the opportunities to write in French, starting with simple words and phrases, moving onto sentences and then onto paragraphs.

Language Angels

We are looking forward to using 'Language Angels', our new French scheme of work. Please look at the progression document below to see how the subject develops over time.