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Our Classes

Our Classes

We have 23 classes at Madginford. This year, classes are all named after animals.

Year 6

Year Group Leaders: Miss Chaplin

6CF (Sharks)

Miss Chaplin and Mrs Farrell

6D (Narwhals)

Miss Davies

6P (Platypus)

Mr Parnham

6R (Tetra)

Mr Roper

 6V (Pufferfish)

Miss Verkely

Year Group Teaching Assistants: Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Roles, Mrs Rustrick, Miss Matthews

Year 5

Year Group Leader: Mr Hollamby

5F (Bluebirds)

Miss Fowler

5H (Ox)

Mr Hollamby

5R (Wolves)

Miss Reed

Year Group Teaching Assistants: Miss Tamsett-Smith

Year 4

Year Group Leader: Miss Ralph

4D (Belugas)

Mr Day

4FB (Polar Bears)

Mrs Fisher & Mrs Brown

4R (Seals)

Miss Ralph

Year Group Teaching Assistants: Mrs Davison, Mrs Day, Mrs Rance

Year 3

Year Group Leader: Miss Perkins

3P (Peacocks)

Miss Perkins

3S (Eagles)

Mr Sanchez

3W (Snow Leopards)

Miss Weeks

Year Group Teaching Assistants: Miss Nevis, Mrs Grey

Year 2

Year Group Leader: Mr Bevan

2B (Penguins)

Mr Bevan

2S (Puffins)

Miss Simmons

2W (Quokkas)

Miss Walsh

Year Group Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jelliss, Miss Henry

Year 1

Year Group Leader: Mrs Cross

1C (Turtles)

Mrs Cross

1L (Butterflies)

Miss Lonsdale

1SB (Ducks)

Mrs Summerton & Mrs Brenchley

Year Group Teaching Assistants: Mrs Bradley, Mrs Bristow, Mrs Hayne


Year Group Leader: Mrs Chambers 

Rec CH (Dolphins)

Mrs Chambers

Rec F Dragonflies

Mr Farquhar


Rec RW Ladybirds

Mrs Russell & Miss Willis

Year Group Teaching Assistants: