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Breakfast Club & After School Club

Breakfast Club

Our school Breakfast Club operates every day from 7.50am in the KS2 Wheel Block Hall (drop off between 7.50 and 8am). Breakfast will stop being served at 8.10am, and we will not be able to guarantee food will be available after that time. The fee is £3.50 per child per day, payments can be made online in advance, or by cash on the day. Please put cash in a named envelope.

A variety of activities are available once children have eaten breakfast. When breakfast club finishes, if your child/children are in KS2, they go to their classrooms and if they are in KS1, they will be walked to their classrooms by a member of the breakfast club team. 

Before your child/children can attend, please email us at to see if any vacancies are available. If it is full, we can add your child/children to our waiting list, and we will email you once a space becomes free.

A pack of forms will need to be completed before your child/children can attend breakfast club. These are available to collect from the main school office.

Email address =

Phone Number = 01622 734539 (main school office)

Mrs Wheeler and Miss Tamsett-Smith 

Breakfast Club Supervisors 


The After-School Club

To enquire about vacancies in our After-School Club, please email Mrs Kooner at

This on-site club runs from the end of school until 6.00pm, although you can pick up at any time before that to suit you. The club is held in the Wheel Block Hall (KS2) and children from Key Stage 1 are escorted to the club by a member of staff.

Children enjoy a wide range of activities, including arts & crafts, sewing and ‘movie nights’ as well as seasonal events. Being on the school premises is a huge advantage in that the children are familiar with their surroundings and do not have to face a wet or cold journey to their after-school care - they are kept safe for the whole time.

The club is just £10 per session per child, including a light snack, which is very competitive when compared with other local after-school childcare. If you are interested in your child attending, please email Mrs Kooner at

We also offer a 'Presto Pick Up' which allows you to collect your child any time between the end of school and 4.15pm for £5 but does not include any food.

We look forward to seeing you there!