Year 6

NSPCC 'board games' day

Year 6 World War II days

Some photos from the Year 6 university afternoons...

Mrs Simpson's maths group using the outdoor learning environment to prove that maths is fun!

Mrs Simpson's Year 6 Maths morning at Otterden Place.

We spent a morning learning about the life and job of a forester, who manages the woodland on the estate and how he uses maths every day in his job. We watched him fell a tree, after using estimation to make sure onlookers were a safe distance away. We counted the rings on sections of a felled tree to work out how old the tree was and then worked out the age of a healthy sycamore tree by measuring its girth and using the formula girth divided by 2.5 = age of the tree. We also discovered how the value of a log can be increased by 100 times by treating it and sawing it into thin planks. Everyone was impressed by the knowledge of the forester and enjoyed taking part in a Maths lesson in the woods.