Our Classes

We have 22 classes at Madginford Primary School

This year all classes have been named after currently endangered animals. 

Year 6 

Mrs Hodges
(Komodo Dragons)

Miss Chaplin

Miss Sargent

Mrs Simpson /
Mrs Bunting (Puffins)

Year 5

Miss Attenborough

Miss Ralph

Miss Best
(Red Pandas)


Year 4 

Mrs Cross

Mr Willment
(Slow Loris)

Miss Perkins


Year 3

Miss Cheeseman

Mr Day
(Polar Bears)

Miss Jenkins


Year 2

   Miss Stamp &
Mrs Summerton (Chinchillas)

Miss Gravina

 Mrs Brown & 
Mrs Brenchley (Dolphins)


Year 1

Mrs Fisher

Mr Bevan

Miss Hougham



Miss Lacey

Miss Atkinson

Miss Gray