Year 6 

Leavers barbecue and disco

Cast photos for the year 6 production

'Ali Baba and the Bongo bandits'

 Enrichment afternoon - Supercar trip pt1

Mrs Parker arranged for a group of boys to see (& hear!) Lambourghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, Aston Martins & Bentleys as part of their project to design & market their very own Supercar!

For Science Week, Year 6 have been looking at Built Space, Personal Space and Outdoor Space.

They have had three investigations to do.

With Mrs Sargent they looked at Personal space and devised their own version of the Stroop test.

Here are some pictures of the cards that6A and 6S made.

How quickly can you read the colour rather than the word?

Now compare this with your speed when reading the word.

Week beginning 23/11/15

Mrs Sargent and Mrs Kooner had a wonderful time taking children for their second enrichment afternoon at Valley Park this week. The children had a great experience, cleaning out the animal's homes, feeding and grooming them. We learnt a lot and are very thankful to Gemma and Andy at the farm!

Miss Attenborough was very impressed by the baking this week. The children worked hard to plan out their recipes and how to make their Showstopper cakes - they look very tasty!

The year 6s had their first enrichment afternoon entitled "University of Madginford" this week and successfully participated in different events (farming, business studies, cooking, sports coaching and textiles). They left their sessions buzzing and we are all looking forward to the 24th where we will have a second experience! Here are just a few pictures from the farm trip - look out for more soon!