School Uniform

Your child is expected to wear the recommended school uniform. The school colours are purple, grey and white. The school has its own purple sweatshirt on which the school logo is printed. T-shirts are also available and are worn for Physical Education.

Uniform and other items of school wear can be bought from Pages Schoolwear at 7-8 Lower Stone Street, Maidstone ME15 6JR, via telephone on 01622 753900 or click here to visit their website.


  • Plain grey skirt / pinafore (knee to calf length) or grey trousers
  • White blouse / shirt or polo shirt
  • Purple sweatshirt / cardigan with school logo
  • Black / grey tights
  • Black / grey socks when worn with trousers
  • White socks when worn with a skirt / pinafore / dress

In addition to the above, pupils may optionally wear grey shorts or purple/white gingham dress during the summer term or exceptionally warm weather.

Shoes are expected to be standard black school shoes with low heels. Trainers, boots, open-toed sandals and sling-backs are not permitted.

Hair accessories must be black, white or purple only.

Jewellery is not allowed in school, with the exception of small ear studs which must be removed for P.E. This should be done at home if a child cannot remove and replace their own studs.

An overall or shirt is needed for art and craft work. An old shirt or blouse with the sleeves shortened is sufficient.

Make up and nail varnish are not acceptable at school and should not be worn.

PE uniform:

On days when your child has a PE lesson, they should where their PE kit into school for the whole day. This minimises time lost changing for lessons, as well as meaning that children are not needed to bring as many items into school with them. It also means that cloakrooms are less crowded and less items of uniform are lost in getting changed.

Our PE uniform consists of:

  • White T-shirt (school T-shirt available)
  • Plimsolls / Trainers (footwear for indoors should have a non-marking sole; if possible, separate footwear should be available for indoor and outdoor lessons)
  • Black Shorts (to be available at all times)
  • Jogging bottoms / tracksuits may be worn outside in colder weather.

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