School Council

The School Council is made up of children from each class who are elected to represent the wishes and opinions of fellow pupils. We feel that it is important that all pupils feel that their voice is heard and as such we aim to develop a democratic atmosphere in which pupils are able to discuss issues and make meaningful decisions. This in turn, allows the children to begin to understand about rights and responsibilities, both as a child and as an adult.

Every child in the school will be involved in the school council through class council meetings and discussions. At these meetings each child will have the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them, and each class will be given the opportunity to bring an agenda item to each formal school council meeting.

This year, the formal school council meetings will be taking place after school, as part of a school council club.  The club will take place every Tuesday, beginning in Term 2.  During the remainder of the after school club sessions, the children will be able to carry out research into the best solutions to the issues raised and will also be producing  a newsletter. We aim to give as much ownership as possible to the children and this is their opportunity to get involved in making a difference to their school.

The selection process for the council members from year 2 to 6 will be similar to previous years.  Firstly, any children interested in the post will need to make a speech to their class. After this, each class will hold a vote and the child with the most votes will be elected as the Class Councillor and will therefore need to attend the after school club to represent their class. If your child is selected as their Class Councillor, they will receive a letter giving more details about the club and asking them to commit to attending regularly on Tuesdays.

This year there will also be the opportunity for each class to elect a Deputy Councillor for each class, who will need to complete the same selection process, but will not need to be available to attend the after school meetings. However, if they are available, then they are more than welcome to attend too! If the Deputy Councillor can not attend the after school meetings, they will instead be involved in assisting the school council to carry out tasks such as creating displays, gathering opinions and meeting with Class Councillors in Key Stage One. These actions will usually take place within the school day, including some lunch times.

We hope that you will discuss the school council with your son/daughter and encourage your child(ren) to consider some of the attributes that will be needed in order to be considered for the role of class council representative. Each class will be holding their elections soon, so if your child is interested in the post, they will need to prepare a short speech stating why they feel that they would be good for the job.

Respect ● Kindness ● Working together ● Challenge ● Perseverance ● Curiosity ● Independence ● Equality