Parent Teacher Association

Madginford Primary School PTA supports the education of pupils at the school and is open to the parents/guardians/carers of any pupil currently attending the school, teaching and non-teaching staff currently employed by the school. The PTA is newly formed and is applying to become a registered charity with all money raised used to support and provide additional resources or learning experiences for the children.

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At the inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Monday 16th October at 5pm the Constitution was approved and Officers elected.

The next meeting of the PTA is on Wednesday 17th January at 6.30pm in school.

Forthcoming events:

Christmas Fair - 15th December from 3.30 to 5.00 pm

If you would like to offer support to the PTA, please come along to a meeting or contact the school office.

We are always looking for new parents to help the PTA raise funds and would like to encourage you to come along to our next meeting and see what we are all about. We are a friendly group and welcome everyone and appreciate any assistance that can be offered.

Here are a couple of short pieces written by two parents who 'took the plunge' and wanted to share their experience with others: 

"I am a new mum to the school with my daughter just starting in reception. I wanted to understand more about the school and what I could do to help ensure that my children got the most from the school. I attended the recent PTA meeting, not really knowing what it was all about or what to expect. As the PTA have been so successful previously I had expected it to be a large group of people. This was not the case!  There was really only a handful of people who do SO much to ensure our kids have so much extra fun within the School Year. Without them, events like the much anticipated Fireworks and Halloween may not happen. They are also all parents of children within the school so understand how busy life can be!  Everyone is so friendly and genuinely pleased to see new faces. We met in a local pub and sat talking round a small table.  They desperately need more support from us, to help with fresh and fun ideas to raise money, and to help put the events on. It was great to get to meet some other parents and exciting to hear all the fabulous things they have planned for this year. Please, I urge any of you to come along to a meeting and get on board to help out. It's for the benefit of your children and with your help, the PTA can continue to make amazing memories for our children." 

"Having just waved Jake off for his first day at school in year R - and as all parents you worry and hope they are happy and settled you will do anything to assist their happiness. So when I was aware of the 1st PTA meeting I felt I wanted to attend and should attend to see what others were doing to create these events for my son's enjoyment. On arrival at the Orchard Spot I expected a room laid out with a top table with the committee and a bank of chairs for us "others" how you can be so wrong !!! myself and one other parent from about 90 new intake and no one from the whole 7 years ?? I found the evening very enjoyable and relaxed (with a pint) . Natalie and Hannah had an agenda with us all chipping in and discussing the events for the year. If you didn't know about the PTA then why not try a meeting and get involved - You won't know until you go !!"