Windmill Hill PGL trip

Sunday 12/6/16 - This is my first PGL trip and I can't believe how much we've done already. It's 8.30 p.m. and the children have just finished their sports hall activities so it's my first chance to upload a few photos - unfortunately the Wi-Fi speed is limited so videos & more photos will have to wait until our return.

For photos and news about day 1 click here.....

Monday 13/6/16 - Well we were all pretty tired last night but the children(at least) were full of energy again at 6 a.m. After a hearty breakfast we all set off for our group activities - the on/off heavy rain showers didn't stop the enthusiasm at all.

Click here for photos....

Tuesday 14/6/16 - Day 3 already, more rain for our 7 a.m. start but it soon cleared. Some of the children (& staff) are starting to feel a little tired now, but I will say the PGL leaders always seem bright & cheery no matter what the weather or time of day. The organisation,teaching and range of events here is fantastic - Mr Day & I are set for  fencing, raft-building, challenge course and zip wire today with our group.

Click here for photos from groups 1,2 and 7 .

Tuesday 14/6/16 early evening - The children are getting ready for their disco at 7.30 p.m. !