Aims and Values

Our Motto: “Where magical experiences create endless opportunities”

Our Vision: A values based primary school that is a Centre of Excellence.

Our Mission: We strive to develop confident, self-assured positive young people who love to learn, to contribute and to achieve. Children have just one childhood; we believe that their primary school experience should be magical and wondrous filled with inspirational and unforgettable learning experiences. We put the learning of every child at the heart of everything we do and are deeply committed to working in deep partnership with parents and placing our school at the heart of the community. We are focused on being a Centre of Excellence.


Our Aims:

Motivate pupils to become engaged and independent learners that take pride in their achievements.

Achieve excellence through shared high expectations and a strong focus on developing spoken language, reading, writing, mathematics and ICT.

Drive to put outstanding learning experiences at the heart of everything we do.

Generate a wealth of opportunities in the arts giving every child a vital channel for self-expression.

Ignite a lifelong zest for learning through dynamic teaching methods.

Nourish self-esteem & self-belief & ensure that all children develop the seven characteristics of success so that they are equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

Facilitate learning through first-hand experience about the natural environment utilising our extensive grounds and facilities.

Operate within a strong sense of community where pupils are socially responsible within an ethos of respect and empathy.

Relentlessly drive to improve through evaluating our practise and remaining at the forefront of research and development.

Develop the talents of all pupils within an inclusive environment – encouraging them to aspire to greater heights, working to the very best of their ability.

Our Values:

Respect – We always listen to others and are kind.

Working Together – We share our ideas and achieve amazing things through teamwork.

Challenge – Our confidence grows as we are never afraid to try new things.

Perseverance – If we don't succeed, we try again and never give up.

Curiosity – We are always exploring, asking questions and finding out.

Independence – We can get things done without always relying on others.

Equality – We treat everyone fairly and no one gets left behind.

School Goals:

Every member of our team a passionate leader who can demonstrate their impact:
- On pupil achievement outcomes
- On improved pupil well-being and personal development.

Bespoke designed curriculum that enables our pupils to excel:
- Demonstrated through high quality pupil outcomes in all curriculum subjects
- Improved pupil well-being.

High expectations – all pupils effectively challenged across the curriculum:
- Demonstrated through improved outcomes in all subjects.

Rich culture of spoken and written language:
- Demonstrated by improved outcomes in reading at the end of Key Stage Two.

Golden Rules:

  1. We will walk around the school silently during lesson times.
  2. We will walk up and down steps inside and outside, keeping on the left hand side
  3. If any adult signals for silence by raising their hand, we will raise out hands immediately and wait silently.
  4. We will give way to all adults.
  5. Outside we will stop immediately when we hear the whistle and when instructed will movesilently to our class line.
  6. We will demonstrate our School Values at all times.

Cultural Framework

Respect ● Kindness ● Working together ● Challenge ● Perseverance ● Curiosity ● Independence ● Equality