Early Years Foundation Stage

We have three EYFS classes at MPS but operate very much as one team, working closely together to give children the very best start to school life. Children get one chance with their education and we passionately believe that their primary school experience should be magical, filled with inspirational and unforgettable learning experiences. Your child’s first year in school sets the foundation upon which we, in partnership with parents, build their learning – we are committed to ensuring that our provision is first class.

The learning of every child is at the heart of everything we do, and we are continually striving towards excellence for all children. We aim to provide an exciting and stimulating environment for children, following their interests and adapting to their needs. At MPS we are lucky to have a wealth of indoor and outdoor areas which are used to stimulate curiosity and promote a range of skills including independence, problem solving and team work.

Areas are organised to allow children to learn and explore safely and independently. Equipment and resources can be easily accessed by the children themselves so that they are able to aid their learning in many different ways. During child-initiated time (which we refer to as SPLASH) the children in all 3 classes have access to all areas and enjoy free flow between them. This allows children to develop their confidence and independence as well as promoting the importance of social skills.

Our Areas

The Classrooms

The EYFS classrooms are set up to enable children to independently find and locate equipment and resources to aid their learning in whichever way possible. There are familiar features within each room although resources are varied in order to promote curiosity and interest amongst the children. main areas in each classroom include

  • Art area – children can access a range of different media and materials such as paint, pastels and clay. We encourage children to experiment with different textures and to think of their own ideas as to how to develop their work. Individuality is key; we do not ask the children to produce a piece of art work like everyone else’s; it is their own ideas that count. Independence is also key; children are encouraged to get out their own equipment and tidy up afterwards!
  • Role play area - Children are able to pretend and play using real, life size resources. Areas change in each room and follow the children’s interests – they plan and help create their own resources!
  • Story corner – a range of reading material and puppets to enhance storytelling are housed in these areas of the classrooms. We place a big focus on the children becoming great storytellers during their time in EYFS!
  • The Message Centre – this is where secret messages are made and sent to encourage early mark making and writing skills. A range of interesting and varied writing materials are readily available for the children to write to their hearts content!
  • Each classroom houses a range of Literacy and Maths resources which enable the children to continue practising the skills they have learnt during teacher directed activities

The Library

Children can choose from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books to read by themselves or with a friend. There are a variety of props and story sacks, as well as a puppet theatre, for the children to explore and develop story telling.            

The Den

This is where the children become chefs (supported by an adult) and enjoy creating a range of delicious treats that they can share at home with you. A variety of skills are developed in this room, from the scientific process of cooking to the mathematical problem solving of measuring.

The Mud Café

Here the children love to get mucky making mud pies! Their imaginations run wild as they prepare a delicious dish of the day, learning to work together and developing a range of skills.

Forest Club

The children are free to explore our forest area during SPLASH sessions. From bug hunting to digging in the mud pit, there is always something fantastic to discover come rain or shine! Our purpose built Forest Club HQ is the perfect hideout to observe nature as well as housing a range of resources to support outdoor learning.

The Creation Station

This room is dedicated to ‘junk modelling’ where the children learn about different materials and ways to join them to create their own 3D masterpiece! Mathematical vocabulary is also developed through the use of different shaped boxes, tubes and containers.

The Outside Area

In this area, there are many interests to explore. There is a sand pit, a water area, an investigation station, a performance area, a builder’s yard and a garden. So many things to do, so many skills to practise!                                                                                 

The Playground

Here is where the majority of the children’s physical development skills are practised and refined. We are very lucky to have a range of equipment that the children can choose from including both balance and pedal bikes, rackets and balls, skipping ropes etc. There are also a range of open ended resources such as tyres, planks and crates that the children can use in their play.

Respect ● Kindness ● Working together ● Challenge ● Perseverance ● Curiosity ● Independence ● Equality