Sports Premium

The Government is providing funding for primary school sport. This money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools to improve the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

Our Vision is to inspire all pupils to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

At Madginford Primary School, we consider PE to be a hugely important part of the curriculum and we pride ourselves on offering children many opportunities to take part in sport, both during and after school.

All children have 2 hours of timetabled PE per week, one indoor session and one outdoor session. During their time at the school, children will experience a wide range of sports, which will develop their key PE skills.

How we are spending our money to improve the quality of PE and School Sport?

  • Action: We have employed PASS to work alongside teachers to improve the quality of PE teaching within curriculum time.
  • Impact: Monitoring is showing that the quality of PE teaching and staff confidence across the school is improving along with staff knowledge and skills.

  • Action: We have employed PASS to develop intra-school competition.
  • Impact: Year 6 play leaders are being trained to run lunchtime activity sessions and will administer inter-house competitions later in the year.

  • Action: All year groups are following a bespoke scheme of work (written by subject leaders with PASS) which is in line with the New Curriculum.
  • Impact: Teachers are becoming more familiar with the New Curriculum and increasingly confident in their delivery of day to day aspects of PE. Children are developing a wide range of high quality skills.

  • Action: To hold a yearly whole-school Sports Week 
  • Impact: Children are aware of different sporting activities and have had the opportunity to participate, as well as to meet a prominent sportsperson. Cross-curricular links have been embedded, which will be developed further next year.

  • Action: To broaden the provision of sports clubs available to children.
  • Impact: Greater percentage of children participating in sports clubs and equipment has been identified to increase the number of activities available.

  • Action: To use sport as a medium through which to foster positive relationships with the wider community.
  • Impact: Relationships are being built with local businesses and clubs through provision of sponsored kit and taster sessions in school time.

  • Action: Lunch time supervisor training to be provided by PASS.
  • Impact: Sport is used as a vehicle through which the school values are embedded and the children have access to structured sporting activities within the school day.

  • Action: Skipping workshop for Key Stages 1 and 2.
  • Impact: Skipping to be encouraged at playtimes to increase daily activity and enable children to develop skills and relationships through activity.