School Innovation Plan

Our school innovation plan covers the academic year 2017-18 and sets future goals reaching into the following two years. The plan is tightly focused and we can measure the impact of our actions through shorter term measurable targets.

C for Curriculum (that engages and inspires - progressively deepening learning year upon year) & C for Challenge (the right level of challenge at the right time for all learners).

H for Healthy Schools (educating children to make the right choices and to be active, enhancing self image and resilience).

A for Assessment (focus on progress of all pupils in all subjects, building ambition and success in close partnership with parents).

P for Probing Questions (staff and pupils asking questions that extend and deepen learning across all subjects).

T for Talk (promotion of opportunities for pupils to engage in classroom discussion that supports and challenges thinking).

E for Expectations (all pupils to have the highest expectations of themselves both in learning and in behaviour) & E for Extended Opportunities (provision broadened allowing pupils to access new experiences that challenge them and promote personal growth).

R for Rights Respecting School Award (developing pupil’s acceptance of difference and diversity providing them with a strong moral compass).

S for Subject Leaders (that lead subject areas with excellent subject knowledge and passion – measuring their impact effectively and driving improvement.

The acronym CHAPTERS also serves the dual purpose of focusing upon the love of reading we are keen to build at Madginford and which will be a key development point for us in 2017/18.