Thinking Matters

At Madginford this year, we have been learning about different thinking skills. To do this, the children have been using a variety of thinking maps - each map represents a different thinking skill and these are used across the curriculum. This allows thinking to be visually represented and organised effectively. We will continue to embed these thinking maps this year, on our journey to becoming a thinking school.

How do we teach thinking skills at Madginford?

Our aim is to create a whole school language for pupils and teachers so we can deepen our understanding of how we think and learn. A thinking curriculum is usually based on three aspects:

  • Teaching pupils to use visual tools and strategies
    (Thinking Maps)
  • Developing pupils understanding of effective learning behaviours or dispositions
    (Habits of Mind)
  • Encouraging the children to use enquiry strategies – reflecting on deeper questions
    (Philosophy for Children)

Staff at Madginford have received specialist training in using these practices. We are implementing each of these strategies over the course of an academic year to ensure they are fully embedded and pupils of all ages can apply them in different contexts within the curriculum.

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