Maths Mastery Overview documents

Useful Websites

Mathletics : Used for homework tasks and for extra practice (
Children should have their own log in and password – ask your child’s teacher if they do not know the details

Madgic Maths : Why not try our custom built maths challenge - how well do you know your times tables? (

Woodlands Junior School website : Great for all subjects but has some excellent games and other activities for Maths (

Crickweb : More Maths games in topics (

BBC Bitesize : A massive resource for all subjects. Search your key stage and Maths and then scroll down the topics. There are hundreds of fun video clips that help to explain any concept you will have come across in maths lessons; great for parents too! (

Topmarks : A great website where you can complete activities online and aim to improve you scores. It is organised by year group and then by each objective (

NRich : Looks at applying maths skills to deeply embed ideas. Many different sorts of tasks and games, which will challenge thinking and provide hours of fun! (

Respect ● Working together ● Challenge ● Perseverance ● Curiosity ● Independence ● Equality