At Madginford, History forms a key part of our bespoke curriculum, allowing us to encourage meaningful cross-curricular links and build children’s engagement with their learning.

It is important to us that we develop the skills associated with the study of History, such as investigating and interpreting historical sources, communicating findings and describing differences between periods and using an understanding of chronology to order and compare historical events.

These skills form a key part of learning in our topics. Our aim through teaching these topics is not just to broaden the children’s historical knowledge, but to make them more effective learners, developing skills that are transferrable to other areas of the curriculum.

Influential People at Madginford

Here at Madginford, make every effort to make our curriculum as diverse as possible. We think it's important that children learn about the contributions of a range of people and have the chance to see something of themselves reflected in the people that the learn about. For this reason, we have introduced 'Influential People at Madginford' - a framework giving each year group 3 people from across history to learn about. These people have been chosen from a range of different periods, countries and backgrounds to best reflect our school values. We hope that this will help children at Madginford to talk about these values and further develop their own character.

Find below an outline of the people assigned to each year group and a link to the videos that Mr Day has made to accompany the teaching of this in the first term.

Respect ● Kindness ● Working together ● Challenge ● Perseverance ● Curiosity ● Independence ● Equality