Mrs Woolcombe's Blog

Dear Parents

I hope you are all well and are keeping safe and are enjoying half-term. It's only a short blog this week, though I have lots of exciting work to share with you.

Will and Jenson from 2D have been working hard. Will created his own minibeast and presented information about it, while Jenson used Mr Day's video to perfect his sprinting

Children in 2R have been very busy! Ellie has grown pea and cress seeds in her fairy garden. Meanwhile, Oliver, Sofia, Henry and Evie have been working hard on their maths work related to shape.

Flossy in 3FB has been working really hard on her Seesaw learning activities and engaging with her minibeasts topic.

When designing a micro habitat for minibeasts, Jacob in 4S, had the idea to create a mini pond. He checked his pond regularly over the next few days and it was an exciting day when he found that a minibeast had begun using this newly created habitat. This is a really effective micro habitat that Jacob has created. Well done! Also in 4S, Isabelle has spent a long time researching honeybees and why they are so important. She has worked really hard on presenting the information that she found out! When asked to design a garden specifically for Minibeasts, Amelia thought carefully about the garden she would design and even made a model of it. You can see that she has thought carefully about specific micro habitats and has included, bug hotels, log piles and a range of flowers to ensure a wide variety of minibeasts are catered for. She has worked really hard on this. Well done Amelia!

In 6H, Grace has wriotten a fantastic report on minibeasts, while Taedza has used a variety of charts and graphs.

Finley in 3P created his own vocabulary vault after taking part in lots of Super Sentence Stackers. He spent the whole day working on it and he has managed to get onto his fifth page!

Meanwhile, children in 5C have been incredibly busy with their minibeasts project!

The school is now engaged in planning for a possible phased return of pupils in Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 on the 1st June. This is simply a planning stage at the moment and we are carefully following the guidance from the DFE. As you can imagine there is a lot of guidance to follow and many steps to put in place so that we can open with full confidence that we have covered all points in the guidance and have a full risk assessment in place for Madginford.

Thank you so much to all those parents from Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 who have provided feedback already as this really helps to inform our planning for possible phased re-opening.

Once plans are fully in place and we know when/if we are reopening - they will be shared with you all.

As part of our planning for phased reopening we will be planning how we continue to support home learning for all our pupils - again as you can imagine this is challenging with a large number of staff needed to teach pupils in Year R, Year 1 and Year 6  in small bubbles but absolutely essential as we are determined to be able to support all our pupils during this very difficult time.

Our thoughts remain with you all - we miss you