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On this page, we will bring you up to date with the all the developments in the school curriculum. A different subject team will write each month about the learning has taken place and any new initiatives that are making our teaching even more effective.

December 2019: English

Since September, children across the school have been exploring a variety of texts through class novels and in our English and Reading lessons. In our weekly Reading assemblies, teachers have shared some of their favourite books and caught the imagination of the children. Here are some of our favourite books so far this year:

·         Year 6: Off Side by Tom Palmer

·         Year 5: The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

·         Year 4: The Tin Forest by Helen Ward

·         Year 3: Ug by Raymond Briggs

·         Year 2: The Coral Kingdom by Laura Knowles

·         Year 1 have been reading a selection of traditional tales including the Elves and the Shoemaker

·         EYFS have been enjoying listening to and leaning some new poems

We are looking forward to Book Week later in the year; stay tuned for more details!​